Posted by Ryan Chien on Mar 29 2021 at 12:22PM PDT

ABSC stands in solidarity with all members of our culturally rich and diverse community.

We believe that all individuals have a right to live with dignity and respect. To walk their (world) community and feel safe. Our coaches and staff take a pledge to “say something” if they see something, and to protect the innocent.

ABSC provides equal access to playing opportunities, soccer fields, coaches and coaching development, regardless of age, gender, or nationality. We will not tolerate poor behavior that puts others at risk or humiliates another, and we will call out ill-gotten gains.
We will be honest with ourselves as we should with others.

Join us and pledge to say something if you see something. Anything else means you approve of the action and behavior

1. To learn more about how you can help combat attacks on Asian Americans, visit
2. Read 5 Ways to Fight Racism and Xenophobia ( Unicef USA), March 18, 2021, by Sarah Ferguson:


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