SHHHHHH Silent Soccer!

Posted by ALBANY-BERKELEY SOCCER CLUB on Oct 04 2019 at 06:24PM PDT

October 12/13th is Silent Soccer Weekend

Silent Soccer is a weekend when parents, coaches and spectators are silent during game play. It gives our players a chance to trust their skills and instincts without sideline input, and without concern that their mistakes will be corrected from the sidelines in a game environment.

Rules for Families/Spectators

No verbal comments about the game or any direct comments to the players, coaches or referees, on or off the field.
Let the players play the game their way. They’re all doing their best, given their age and experience, and don’t need to be urged to play harder or smarter!

  1. “Cheering” is highly encouraged for ALL plays, regardless of team
  2. Be creative in how you choose to “cheer” – make signs to hold up, a rally towel to wave wildly or pom-poms to shake
  3. Clapping IS allowed!
  4. Please NO noise makers and especially no whistles, or compressed air horns

Rules for Coaches

Use practice this week to educate your players about Silent Soccer
  1. During game play, remain silent on the sidelines. Under-8 Coaches ONLY may verbally coach, however, please use restraint and coach moderately (U8 parents must observe the rule of silence)
  2. PERMITTED: calling out for substitutions and speaking quietly to players on the sidelines, giving them instructions to carry out on to the field, such as ’Joey, I want you to switch positions with Tommy, and make sure Billy gets a chance to do a throw in, ok?"
  3. Use this weekend as an opportunity to notice how players learn from each other during the course of a game and appreciate all the subtle ways the game teaches.

Reasons why ABSC holds Silent Soccer:

  1. To foster leadership skills among individual players with the unique opportunity to give instructions on the field
  2. To foster a sense of true teamwork as players must learn to rely upon one another and communicate with each other appropriately
  3. To remind coaches, parents, and players that PRACTICE is the time for instruction. Games are showcases for learning!
    • To remind everyone that the purpose of youth soccer is for the kids to play, learn and having fun!*

Have a fun, SILENT weekend!


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