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More Time to Play!

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Don’t miss out on our Spring Camps:

April 5th-9th
April 12th – 16th

See you on the Pitch!

Improve Your Endurance!

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Endurance is the ability to exercise continuously for extended periods without tiring or fatiguing. It’s a big part of soccer, among other types of fitness, as games eventually become 90+ minutes long!

1) Heart improves the ability to pump oxygenated blood to muscles
2) Faster recovery after training and games
3) Better focus during games, which can help with decision-making
4) Out-run opponents again and again as the game goes on

How to Increase Endurance:
Interval training! This involves performing repeated exercises at set distances or times. It helps the body move at faster speeds by training the nervous system to react more quickly, the heart’s effectiveness at pumping more blood, and the cell’s metabolism. Training the cell’s metabolism increases capillaries in muscles (which leads to increased blood flow), trains muscles to work more efficiently, and prevents damage to cells)!

Four Main Components to Interval Training:
1) Distance: distance or time of the exercise interval
2) Repetitions: number of times the exercise is repeated
3) Intensity: the exercise speed
4) Rest: amount of time between exercises

Things to Consider:
1) Children shouldn’t practice intervals more than three days per week. This type of training can be exhausting and easily lead to injury.
2) Base the volume (reps and/or distance) and intensity of the workout on child’s capacity to recover. If they are overly tired training three days per week, then cut back to one or two days per week.
3) If the child feels good, try increasing the workout intensity or volume and see what happens.
4) The best way to start an endurance interval training program is to start slowly and progress conservatively.

Endurance Interval Training for Soccer:
In order to increase endurance for sustained efforts that occur in the game, increase the interval distance. This concept is a good base for interval training.

YES! I want to join

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The largest and most successful soccer club and league in the East Bay Area.
Lead the next generation of players ages 4 to 19 years old

We offer:

  • Competitive salary based qualification and experience
  • Fully insured
  • Training provided
  • Set you own schedule

ABSC hires all year-round for

  • Coaches & trainers for our Girls and Boys Programs
  • Head Coaches to train and mentor new coaches
  • First Touch Academy U5-U7 coaches and coordinators
  • Camp coaches as well as coordinators
  • Referees

Contact with questions
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Spring & Summer Camps 2021

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Click here to register:


LOCATION: Harrison Field Complex, Berkeley
REGISTRATION FEE: $400 full day, $250 half-day
BUSD Spring Camp: April 5-9th
AUSD Spring Break: April 12th-16th

LOCATION: Ocean View Field, Buchanan St, Albany
REGISTRATION FEE: $400 full day, $250 half-day
June : 7-12th , 14-18th , 21-25th , 28 – July 2nd
July: 5-9th, 5-9th, 12-16th, 9-23rd, 26 -30th
August: 2-6th, 9-13th

Got any questions? Email us at! Hope to see you soon! PC: @__lesly.ct

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When you’re playing outside, on an especially warm day, it’s important to HYDRATE yourself! Benefits range from boosted energy to postponement of muscle fatigue!

Check out these slides for more info: