Keeping it fun & fair..

Posted by ALBANY-BERKELEY SOCCER CLUB on Sep 14 2022 at 02:58PM PDT

ABSC believes in supporting players to become well-rounded, healthy, and happy soccer players with skill, confidence, and passion. The 4-Goal Rule is enforced to support players’ physical development and social well-being. In the spirit of good SportsPersonship, coaches are asked to apply the 4 goal protocol to what looks like a run-away game.

The winning coach may elect to move his or her players into different positions, or the coaches from both teams may elect to trade some players to even out both teams. Creativity is welcome within the confines of this club policy!

NOTE: The 4-Goal rule applies only to our In house recreational program. It does not apply to our premier or travel programs.

Applying the 4 Goal Rule:
4-goal advantage- no player added
5-goal advantage- one player is added to the losing team
6-goal advantage- a second player is added
7-goal advantage- the *game is called in favor of the winning team,
recorded as a 6-goal advantage.

*The game is played as a scrimmage and the players are combined and divided into teams. If less than 7 minutes are left, then the game can end early if the coaches do not agree to mix the teams. This should be reported to the director of coaching, Toney.

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